Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Camping in the West 4 – Mt Rainier National Park

Our journey on 101 and Camping in the west series ended with the beautiful, most awaited Mt Rainier.
From Stevens Canyon Entrance, we drove to Paradise because it offers the closest view of this active volcano. We had high expectations from the Seattle view but the weather wasn’t conducive and it didn’t take us long to realize that we lost the fabulous mountain in the clouds.  It felt a little disappointing initially to see only its peak now and then between the clouds but the enchanting waterfalls and mesmerizing views of the Cascade Range totally compensated and made us further fell in love with the park.

At paradise point, the visibility was zero with clouds and fog and made the drive little challenging. We did a short hike to Narada Falls and through the Nisqually entrance, returned to our two wonderful little hosts in Seattle. 

The trip is made perfect and complete!! 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Doing our part..

Last night during my flight back home after the week’s work, I read an article in a free Magazine which caught my attention: How airlines changed their ways over years and are acting eco-friendly. It was quite impressive and left me thinking how I can contribute towards a better and safer planet in this fast paced life. Since childhood, I have a passion for Nature and now, the Camping definitely made me even more conscious in some decisions.
With Earth day in April, now is a good time to reflect on how environmentally responsible we are. I feel proud that:
-I use my five grocery bags avoiding plastic covers each time
-I don’t use bottled water
- I use green products for Cleaning and laundry
- I prefer using the same towels during my stay at hotel
-I recycle newspapers, cans, electronic items etc and
- I use paper, plastic, water and energy responsibly

I hope to make this list longer and I am really TRYING to do my part in saving Earth. Are you?
Feel free to share your ways of living green and inspire others. Together we CAN make a difference!!
Finally Reduce-Reuse-Donate-Recycle!!!