Friday, April 1, 2011

Doing our part..

Last night during my flight back home after the week’s work, I read an article in a free Magazine which caught my attention: How airlines changed their ways over years and are acting eco-friendly. It was quite impressive and left me thinking how I can contribute towards a better and safer planet in this fast paced life. Since childhood, I have a passion for Nature and now, the Camping definitely made me even more conscious in some decisions.
With Earth day in April, now is a good time to reflect on how environmentally responsible we are. I feel proud that:
-I use my five grocery bags avoiding plastic covers each time
-I don’t use bottled water
- I use green products for Cleaning and laundry
- I prefer using the same towels during my stay at hotel
-I recycle newspapers, cans, electronic items etc and
- I use paper, plastic, water and energy responsibly

I hope to make this list longer and I am really TRYING to do my part in saving Earth. Are you?
Feel free to share your ways of living green and inspire others. Together we CAN make a difference!!
Finally Reduce-Reuse-Donate-Recycle!!!


  1. Admirable list Durga! Are you aware of If not, take a look. Very useful to improve the way we vote with money. Hope you made Rama stop using bottled water :)


  2. Hai there...

    I love nature.. I have passion in them. Here is bit of something about my experience with Nature..