A to Z About me

Welcome to my blog!

I’m a young Indian girl from a place called Tenali in South India. I have studied and worked in 2 countries and 5 cities so far. I enjoy exploring new places, traveling and networking with people. Some of my favorite things are Music, National Parks, Hyderabadi Biryani, Weekends in Starbucks, snow, desserts, HGTV and the list goes on. Family means a lot to me and I am now part of a large fun family thanks to my dh :)

My life has changed in many interesting ways since I moved to USA in 2009. I have fallen in love with this country which developed the new Me. I am involved in several activities, which I never thought I will be part of, one such being Camping and inspiration for this blog. Heres more about me:

A: August, my birthday falls in this month!
B: Blogging, my new hobby after Books!
C: Camping, my favorite pastime!
D: Desserts, the best part of a meal!
E: Earth, I feel responsible for it!
F: Family, I believe, comes first!
G: God, Do I believe?
H: Healyourlife.com, one of the great websites I found thanks to mom!
I: India, my home country!
J: John Muir and Johnny Depp, I admire a lot!
K: Kingfisher, the first airlines I took!
L: Long drives, I m crazy about them! Sure to leave others crazy if I drive..lol!
M: Music, Movies, Masti(Hindi for fun) - my definition for 3M!
N: Non-vegetarian I am!
O: Otters, the animals that most amazed me!
P: Physics was my favorite back in school!
Q: Quest, Am always on a quest to find myself, the inner me! a new hobby!
R: A R Rahman, I am a big fan!
S: Sister, my little sister, my best friend!
T: TBBT(The Big Bang Theory), one of my favorite TV shows!
U: US, love it!
V: Valentine’s day,  my anniversary!
W: Weekends, you can’t find me home!
X: XI, the SAP technology I work on!
Y: Yosemite NP, waiting to visit!
Z: Zodiac sign being Virgo, I am a genius! What say ye?

Happy Reading! Please leave your valuable comments and come back soon :)