Monday, June 20, 2011

Camping on the coast - A day on Ocean

The dream of camping close to the ocean came true last weekend at Manresa state beach. The campground was upland and the beach was accessible through a big staircase. We walked up to the ocean at night and it looked beautiful with the water shining in the moonlight. Unbelievably, there was an entire row of houses there that have this beauty as their backyard! That is California…we find private properties wherever and sad to say, the campgrounds are party places for big crowds. Anyways, we were able to hear the waves as the noise subsided and the night moved in. Next day, we did a short hike in the Forest of Nisene Marks state park and visited some beaches around. Every beach was different in the scenery it offered and Surfing was seen predominantly in all of them.
Natural bridges state beach: Great for picnicking and bbq, with many benches near the beach
 Lighthouse field state beach: Very windy, great for a walk along the west cliff drive, a 3 mile long ocean front street
 Santa Cruz Beach Broadwalk: California's oldest oceanfront amusement park
 Seacliff state beach: Known for its fishing pier and concrete freighter, The Palo Alto
 Elkhorn Slough kayaking: A 3 hr guided tour to see tons of playful otters, seals and birds closer than ever expected


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